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Mainichi Hanafuda: clover

Today, we move back one month to the July suit, clover. It's fun to draw branching geometric shapes! Originally, I thought the clover suit was one of the worst in the deck. It looked pretty boring. I dug through lots of photos of wild clover to see how I could embellish on the designs I found online, and finally ended up doing something that looks a lot like normal hanafuda cards anyway.

Maybe I just learned to appreciate the look of it. I did make some changes, though: the clover buds are smaller in proportion to the leaves, in comparison to the other decks I've seen. This would make a great pattern for the drinking glasses in your grandma's cupboard. I hope you like it okay, because we have three more days of clover after this one.

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Parsa said...

Japanese bush clover. It looks a lot like the Lespedeza thunbergii species (just put that in Google images).