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Mainichi Hanafuda: "junk" grass

If the junk plum cards looked somewhat similar, then these pampas grass junks will look almost identical. But, examine them closely and you'll see that the lines are quite different. I hand-illustrated each individual card, even when I could've faked it and it would be purt near impossible to tell. That's just how I roll.

Modern suits seem to have eulalia that all look more or less like this. But avast! it was not always so. It's funny because I may refer to these as 'traditional' hanafuda cards, but here's a real antique: two cards in the same suit from the 19th century. On those cards, you can see individual shoots of grass in the foreground. Contrast that to the drastically stylized image in a modern deck, and you can see what a difference 200 years makes.

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