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Mainichi Hanafuda: clover ribbon

This clover card holds a banner like the one in the plum suit, but there's something missing! Why isn't there writing on this one, you may wonder. I will tell you. There are seven red ribbon cards, and only three are inscribed with a 'poem.' The other four, like this example, are blank. Mystery solved!

The 'poem ribbons' have the potential for better scoring combinations in some hanafuda games, but these blank ribbons are also valuable when matched with others like them. So! That's the last of the clover, and that means we're through with a quarter of the 12 suits in the deck.

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Parsa said...

Tanzaku is a paper size in Japan. It is long and narrow. However, these are tanzaku-sized papers with wishes on them for the Star festival. Just put "tanabata tanzaku" into Google images.