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Mainichi Hanafuda: geese

A flock, or three, geese fly over the hills of pampas grass. Geese were chosen to represent the August suit for Japan, but they would also be appropriate for a Minnesota hanafuda deck, if there was such a thing. Jenna and I spent last weekend in the country. As I was tending the fire, I heard for the first time this summer, some geese discussing a southern vacation. Soon they'll be honkin' all overhead until they've passed through here and arrived at Florida for the winter.

The geese are one of nine "animal" cards in a hanafuda deck, a category which includes the nightingale from the plum suit. They are called "tongmul" in Korean. I guess in Japanese you would call these cards the "doubutsu." Whatever you call them, there are seven to go, and with two of twelve months done we begin a new suit tomorrow.

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