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TC Zine Fest/Stencil Show/new t-shirt update

Sunday was the last day for the Twin Cities Zine Fest 2006, so I got myself over to the Stevens Square Center for the Arts and hung out with my friend/SPC vendor Lacey for a half hour or so. I bought one of her books and a comic by Will Dinski (Habitual Entertainment issue one). Plus I picked up a ton of free zines and stickers. Total cost: $7. Lacey was giving out fortune cookies, but the humidity had turned them into malleable, inedible lumps. Stencil artists happened to have a show running at the same time, and my favorite painting was on display for $400. I tell you, if I had the money to spend, tattoo or stencil art for my wall, it would be a tough choice, man.

I remembered the camera for a change but the batteries were dead, so I missed yet another chance to photograph some good grafitti behind the soon-to-be-ex-St.-Sabrina's. They're moving a block and clearing out some merchandise. I bought a sweet t-shirt for a measley $15, but the Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry stuff was still at full price. That's two tees in one month--a new personal record!

With every new t-shirt I buy at the appropriate size (small), I can throw away another XL rag that I was wearing back in high school. It's about time. I don't buy many clothes, and I enjoy my minimalist man wardrobe, but this change-up was long overdue. Maybe I will even go crazy and buy a real pair of shorts so I can stop wearing my swimming trunks all the time.

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drvono said...

Man, I didn't know St. Sabrina's was moving! What will you spill on that new t-shirt? I put my money on a light cream sauce.