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Sunday morning cat blogging

We don't have a cat. This little buddy just showed up on our doorstep t'other day and meowed for food, so I brought him some of Lola's kibble, and he gobbled it up. The poor thing is bony and dirty and had no collar, so we assume he's a stray. I named him Euclid.

I'd like to keep him, but Jenna is advocating for a trip to the no-kill shelter. Money doesn't flow as fast and loose as it used to before the mortgage, and besides, we don't know that Lola would react favorably to another animal in the house. She's very jealous! I spent the morning giving Euclid some loving attention with a brush, and another serving of dog food. He devoured the food, but didn't care for the water. After a while, I went back inside the house and let him go his own way.

If he turns up again, is there anyone who'd like to adopt an adorable and very affectionate cat? He's got claws and I assume he's not spayed or neutered. I'm also only assuming he's a he, since I'm not a cat sexing expert or nothing. Won't you help a poor kitty from the streets?

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