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The Scooter Thief

Apparently, last night, somebody walked into our garage and stole my red "Freedom" electrical scooter. Fortunately, the thief didn't take or damage anything that is really valuable to me: all my bicycles are accounted for, and the cars weren't broken into. They did somehow unplug our garage door from the ceiling, so maybe they were intending to return in the morning? I'm not sure, so I plugged it back in and closed the door, and we'll be installing motion detectors for the garage area.

Whoever took my scooter didn't take the charger, and they didn't take the keys either, so it's basically worthless. A serious thief with a vehicle might have taken more stuff from the garage, and would have at least tried to break into our cars (both of which were unlocked). Since only the scooter was taken, we're betting it was some punk-ass kids who will either try to pawn it or quickly get bored and dump it somewhere.

The scooter wasn't incredibly valuable, but worth enough that I called the St. Paul police to report a theft. An officer called about an hour later and I gave her the details, but we all know that nothing will come of that. Like the hapless protagonist in "The Bicycle Thief," I mounted my own hopeless search for my stolen ride. At least I had a bicycle to do it on, but after an hour of looping through the neighborhood streets and alleys, I still achieved the same results. Except I didn't get harrangued by a mob, and I almost tried to steal my scooter back from a neighbor's garage when I spotted it from a distance, until I got closer and realized I was actually looking at a sleek red gas grill.


drvono said...

Ah man, that sucks! Didn't they teach you growing up in posh suburbs to never leave your garage door open!?!

All in all, this is a loss for both of us though. I never even got to take it for a spin!

Hey maybe you should put out signs in the neighborhood that say "Found! Scooter charger and keys!" They might just respond.

sui generis said...

The garage door was closed when we went to sleep. It was opened by the thief!

We surmise they jumped the fence into our backyard and came in the door that we sometimes forget to lock (since it's fenced in!). We won't be making that mistake again, though.

Jenna said...

They un-plugged the garage door opener and opened the door manually--as to not wake the innocent victims on the other side of the wall. JERKS