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Bob the Golfer

"Bob the Golfer" is a comic I drew that was printed in my high school and college newspapers. I refined my style significantly during the many years I drew the strip, and eventually moved it online. After shipping between various free hosting services, I finally bit the bullet and registered the (now defunct) By that time, I had standardized the size of the comic and moved to a full-color format. My output was three strips a week.

It ran online for a very short time (less than a year), but was critically acclaimed, with such webcomics luminaries as Tycho Brahe, Scott Kurtz, and R. Stevens conferring their blessings on the strip. I drew most of my best comics during that period, which ended with my trip to Japan. When I returned home, I drew a few more and then realized that I was done. Now, for the Craftstravaganza I designed and printed an ultra-limited run of FIVE hand-numbered comic booklets.

They're small, but they're high-quality prints and more than half the book is in full color. The cover image is a brand-new illustration made just for the book, and the strip on the back is appearing in color for the first time! Get 'em while they're hot!


abigail said...

andy i really want to go to craftstravaganza but i can't leave florida. so is there any way that i would ever be able to get one of those lovely bob the golfer books?? i am sure the 5 will sell right away so you will have to make many more. i still have a couple bob the golfer button/pins on two of my bags!!!! people always wonder about them! :)

sui generis said...

Don't worry Abigail, I'll be sure to get you a book some time or another. Maybe what I should do is start taking pre-orders from friends. So if anyone else reading this would like a copy, let me know and I'll plan for another batch!

abigail said...

fabulous idea. thank you.

ningyo said...

I want one! We can pay through paypal and you could ship it to my parents address who would ship it to us (my dad gets a fedex discount)! Whenever you have the time that is.

Otherwise we will be in America in December! Woot!

sui generis said...

Christmas present ahoy! I'll have to figure out the details on this, but I can also make them available for direct order, although that's more expensive than me ordering a bunch of them and handing them out. We'll chat.