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Welcome Back Cauter

There's a history of skin cancer in my family, so I went to the dermatologist to have my skin examined and ended up losing a few little chunks of myself. I've gotten tattoos and piercings and stuff, but I've never had anything cauterized before. How does the pain compare? As long as I get the novocaine, you can cauterize my face all day! After the needle prick, I didn't feel a thing.

The good news is that most of the little dots on my body are nothing to be worried about, according to the doctor, I just have lots of 'em. That's a relief. There's so simple to get removed, though, I might go ahead and get them all taken off anyway.



The Goodfellas said...

:( i should go check too but i'm kind of scared... so you dont just go to a regular doctor? or can you? how does this work?
ps. sorry to make your message into a public service announcement, i'm just wondering.

sui generis said...

I visited a dermatologist, which is a good idea if you are specifically concerned about your skin. It is especially important to get annual checkups if your family has a history of melanomas. Melanoma is a common cancer type, and very serious! It grows internally and kills you. A mapache who spends lots of time in the sun should probably go in for an exam just to be safe.

Jenna said...

Don't freak her out! It doesn't always kill you! But Andy's mom did have it and had to have the treatment. She didn't die though.

sui generis said...

My mom didn't have a melanoma. She had a different skin thing that was annoying but benign. Most skin things won't hurt you at all. Melanoma is an uncommon skin condition but it's bad news when it happens.


Jenna said...

Really? I thought she had the cancer. At least that's what you told me! Oh SNAP!!

sui generis said...