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More SPC Madness!

The Roe Family Singers played rotating sets throughout the day and sat as craft vendors when they weren't on stage. We were really glad to have them at the fair because they kept the music going for several hours and made it sound good in there.

These two dudes are the Mill City Mongrels. They probably got the best crowd response out of our three bands, and I didn't get a chance to thank them until they were on the way out. We learned about them through one of our vendors and invited them to play as the punk/rock group the Mojo Spleens before we had even picked a venue. Once we saw that echoey building, we were glad to have them switch to a somewhat softer format (White Stripes covers, etc.). They were good.

Here's Chokecherry! We heard about them via another vendor, so we hardly had to seek down any musical acts at all. There was space provided for bands to stick around and sell their merch, but Chokecherry left stuff with their vendor friend instead, so it was never used. The creative community in the Twin Cities is kind of small, I guess. Chokecherry was very talented, too. I was very happy with the level of musical quality we got up in there!

Here's Jenna with her friend Girl Andi standing behind our fully set-up booth. I like this shot because you can see the nice Daruma and Bob the Golfer displays that we designed and cut out. They drew lots of attention, but not lots of sales. Many people picked up a Daruma and the first thing they did was try to twist it open, a response that had never even crossed my mind during the creation process. They are clearly marked as Weebles. Who tries to open a Weeble?

Here's Lacey! She was with us from the beginning, when we were just roping people into brainstorming sessions to figure out how a rogue craft fair should go down. Since we are old friends, we put her booth space next to ours. I was sad that more people did not buy a hula hoop, because there can never be too many hula hoopers in this world. There was even a hula-hoop-themed billboard not far from the fairgrounds to get people in the proper frame of mind!

The Indie Craft Documentary crew enjoys a laugh. Good times. That's uh, Blogger is freaking out and I can't see the big photo to figure out whose booth is behind them, but probably someone cool. I just watched the graffiti documentary Style Wars, and I think the Indie Craft Documentary will be just like that except with less hip-hop and more acoustic folk music.

I'll wrap up this party with two more under-construction booth spaces. Here's Jenny Harada's stuffed animals that came all the way from Ohio to sit on her soft table at our show. She taught a workshop too. My friends sat at her booth for like three hours while Jenny taught people how to make their own stuffed animals, and they seemed to be having a good time. I heard someone was planning to buy that green googly-eye mask, but I don't know if they did or not.

Last but not least, here's Lon. He made our great posters for the show and had a nice-looking space with rock posters and comics too. I am glad my friends bought some posters from him, because now I will enjoy going to their house even more. I'd like to have Lon back if we have another show, because I would actually be sure and make time to see his art instead of keeping myself so busy all day. Well... that's the fair. It's over and life goes on. We will just have to see what happens next!

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The Goodfellas said...

wow andy it looks like it was awesome :) so did a lot of people show up? did you buy much stuff? did people buy much of yours?