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Sui Generis knitting club: video resources

In which Sui Generis learns to knit like a man! Because real men knit. You knew that right? Okay then. For day one of self-taught knitting, I biked to Michael's for some fat needles (Takumi bamboo 9mm) and chunky wool. I decided to make a scarf. It's supposed to be a good first project, because there's nothing to it other than adding one row after another until you've got something long enough to be called a scarf.

There's nothing to make me feel sheepish (wool pun! ha ha!) faster than learning something new. Even with a book and the entire Internet at my fingertips, I had the greatest trouble just getting started. I couldn't figure out whether the instructions were retarded, or I was. Making a slipknot was easy enough, but for the life of me I did not understand the technique of casting on until I found this handy video site.

After that, it was cake. Until I attempted to do a row of ribbing. Oh well, I suppose I just need to learn one thing at a time.


Anonymous said...

Its not you, I probably went through 4 books before I figured out what happens at that point. All the illustrations made no sense. Finally I added everything up!

annie said...

Damn, maybe then you could help me. I made a scarf once, then I wanted to start another project so I had my mom (shut up) cast on for me, but then after I knitted for a while it sucked so I took the whole thing out and now I don't know how to put it back on and my mom lives in Indiana. I can make a mean loaf of banana bread but that's where my domestic talents end. *sigh*

sui generis said...

There really is no substitute for learning to knit than seeing it done. Annie, I'd trade you lessons for a loaf of bread, but everything I learned is in those videos. If I can figure it out, then anyone can! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I think I like the Old-Norwegian-Double-Looped-Alternate cast-on. With so many choices, how do you know which one is best?

Oh, and your rows look really straight. You must not have been drinking that Dracula Wine while doing that! ;-)

Very nicely done! - John