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Lycoperdon perlatum?

Very common and widely distributed collective species (with many variations) found on humus as well as on wood in late summer and fall . . . Edible, and one of the best small puffballs.

--The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide, by Smith & Smith Weber
I didn't eat any because I'm wary of the dangers of incorrect mushroom identification, but it looks like a fairly distinctive species; maybe next year I'll return and pick a few to try. Since today is nature geek day, also check out MoonDock, a pretty desktop phase display for OS X; and the online Calculator Cat module (as seen at Mental Multivitamin).

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Anonymous said...

There are clubs that go mushroom hunting. I can also hook you up with someone I know who is really into mushrooms. It would be good to go mushroom hunting with someone really experienced. Of course you'd have to know your stuff yourself to feel confident, but as a saftey net to prevent bad results and for tips on finding the good stuff, you can't beat experience. Let's talk more tonight. - John