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Big Bonsai in Manhattan

It's old news, but this man-made "floating island" is a very interesting project. As an inaccessible, uninhabited chunk of nature, it's like a life-size bonsai landscape arrangement. The NYT has the article (use if you're not registered) and make sure you watch the movie just to see this guy and his most excellent bow tie.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, too bad it's not inhabited. Maybe some of the residents of Central Park would love to live in the woods in the bay. I think they could have designed-in some kind of earth shelter with clotheslines hanging between the trees and a campfire to sit around at night.
After the show, it will be dismantled and parts of it put in Central Park. I'm still wondering what kind of a statement this art is making.
Now, I like the 'functional' art you displayed, the little stuffed voodoo doll, complete with pins. It's attractive, long lasting and practical. Just pin the name of any of your favorite politicians on it and start poking.
Just kidding. It was interesting to see this floating island that will be dismantled after it makes it's run. Kind of reminds me of the Druid Rocks along the Mississippi River. One day it was there, larger than life and the next day, completely gone.