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Simple days, better times.

You have found a mushroom. What do you want to do?


The mushroom is poisonous. You have died. Play again? (Y/N)

Remember when death was so abstract and reversible? (Oh, he's still on about this.) I think most kids in America are fortunate enough that they don't need to truly grasp the implications of death at a very young age. For me and the other little video game players, we died hundreds of times a day and it was undoable just by pressing Y.

Then we grew up and learned that death in the real world is serious, final, and to be avoided--that we should take care to protect our own lives and never threaten the lives of others. Or at least most of us learned that. The scariest thing about my recent local high school murders is how the kids did not seem to understand the gravity of what they were doing. They didn't take any precautions to avoid being seen or caught. As if they were immortal and invincible. But of course they were seen, and caught, and very likely they will have a long time to think about what happened, and to grow up.

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Anonymous said...

actually, not covering up or anything is a good case of temporary insanity. but, thats BS. i dont think video games desensetize (sp?), just the fact we like to pretend this wont happen to us, this only happens to the poor, the immigrants, the minorities... its true, our culture liked to pretend death doesnt happen and sweeps it under the rug. that or it glorifies it.