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Anaheim harvest time

Spicy! Our tiny neglected urban garden plot produced some food after all. These peppers were hiding within the plants, and we hadn't checked in so long that we assumed there was nothing there. Sure enough, we started looking and found a bounty of green veggies. Now I just need to find a way to use them all before they go bad.


Nathan said...

Dude! Score!

Fire up your outdoor grill, throw the peppers on there, turn them continuously, let them get all nice and (evenly) blistery, pull them off the grill and put them in a paper bag, let them steam for ~15 minutes, take them out and rub off the skin.

You now have roasted green chiles. These are good on grilled cheese sandwiches or pizza. They can also be turned into a fantastically amazing sauce for enchiladas, burritos, huevos rancheros, etc.

Next year you'll want an entire garden of chile plants. :)

Nathan said...

Oh, both the whole roasted chiles and the sauce freeze well. Don't let a single chile go to waste or you'll never stop kicking yourself! ;)