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Last night while working at the bike shop I agreed to be treasurer for the MBPA. John said they needed one, so I volunteered. Whatever it takes to keep this organization going. Since I don't have a paying job, it's an especially good time for me to do work for a nonprofit group like this one. It makes me feel like my time is valuable and that I'm contributing to something greater than myself.

Plus, it gets me on my bike, and physical exercise is another important stimuli to keep from drifting down into a jobless torpor. So, my spirits are still high. Even if some of the jobs I'm applying for look like they may be giant leaps backward, at least I'm forging ahead with my personal life and individual goals. Ganbaremasu!


Nathan said...

I volunteered to do that a couple months ago but blanched when I saw what it actually involved - I just didn't have the time that job deserves. I'm glad they found you. Good luck with it. Have fun, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Awe, come on. It's only an hour per month right? That's what all volunteers are told when they first come in to an organization
Seriously, I am truly thankful for both of you guys! I have some good training lined up for you for doing this job and I've clearly outlined what it really takes to do it. It only sounded horrible because of the arguing that certain board members had at that last meeting. I won't let that happen again. It's unprofessional and uncalled for. This should be fun!!!
Talk to you soon!!!