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Norwegian Wood / on the job

Tomorrow is the first day of my new temp job, but just for fun, I went today! Actually, I thought this was my first day. Luckily, once I got there, they found something for me to do and put me to work. Then, I waited... and waited... while they attempted to set up my computer with the software I needed to do the other stuff they wanted me to do. Between that time and my bus rides, I read all of Murakami's Norwegian Wood today. It was a great book, but it put me in a weird funk for the rest of the day. Sorry I didn't show up at the bike shop, John. I tried to call, but nobody answered.

Also, I've gone back and started to categorize my posts for reference. This one falls into the categories: work, books

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Anonymous said...

It's ok! I went home early and helped hand out candy and chatted with my neighbors. Nobody was at the bike shop so I also had a good chance to chat with the neighbors there (locals).

It's amazing how we fill up our time isn't it? I don't think I will ever have the problem of too little to do or enough time to do it in. haha.