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The skull project by Matthew Amey

I plan to have a big skull done as a shoulder piece if I'm allowed to get any more tattoos in the future. Therefore, I've been looking at photos and illustrations of skulls as source material. The Skull Project builds on Matthew Amey's Skull Reference book, which contains line-drawings of a skull as viewed from 151 different angles. I'll let him explain:

"In 2006 he decided to take that book one step further, to show how a variety of artists can use a similar framework to produce a wide range of imagery. Therefore, he invited 150 artists to each take one page of the book and draw on their own experiences and inspirations to draw or paint their interpretation of the image."
As you would imagine, many of the images incorporate tattoo or graffiti imagery. You can go ahead and look at a few sample pages on the Skull Project website.

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