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Garden in July part II: more bugs on flowers

Here's a better bee photo than the one I posted above.

Red Admiral butterfly, Vanessa atalanta. These guys are all over the yard right now. I took several good action shots with its proboscis flicking out. It was hard to choose just one for the blog, so I picked three. You can see how the wing color changes from Monarch orange to deep scarlet red in different lights.

A shiny green bee, Agapostemon splendens, apparently male due to the yellow abdomen. Females are brilliant blue-green over the entire body. This was the best shot I could get of the metallic head and thorax, on account of him sticking it down into our flowers.


Noria said...

Thank you, thank you! I have been wondering what those green bees were. Everytime I tell my family that there are green bees on the flowers they think I'm crazy.

Jhenn said...

These are great! Even if the bees are a little unnerving for me.