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BRC day 1: classroom

I don't have pictures from the class, so here is a photo of my uncle-in-law's Honda Dream Touring motorcycle

I sat through day one of the Basic Rider Course and now I'm qualified to sit on a motorcycle. I have been boning up on cycling safety as preparation for the class, so some of the material was review for me. But it's good review and I look forward to reinforcing those lessons with actual practice in the saddle.

The new material was the real basic stuff, since books for motorcyclists will assume you will know how to do things like, oh, turning it on. Of course, I have close to zero experience, so this information was extremely helpful!

The class involved mostly going through a book (the BRC Rider Handbook) and answering questions in small groups. The discussion was broken up with short (and sometimes mildly cheesy) video clips. There were about 20 people in the class on Friday and that will split in half for the weekend; one group in the morning and one in the afternoons. I'll try to arrive early to get first dibs on bikes, and maybe some photographs as well.

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