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Short, but sweet

photo from Flickr

Today was a bright, warm, happy day. The sun was out and the temperature got up to 50 degrees by one account (this is about 70 degrees warmer than just a couple of weeks ago). It's like the world is waking up outside. Dogs emerge from hibernation, pulling people behind them. Summit Ave is surrounded with birdsong. The hardness of winter melts away, and retreating snow piles reveal strata of trash on the dead grass next to Clean Cuts. Cor blimey, I love the spring in Minnesota!

I know it's a trick of nature and we'll freeze again soon, probably tomorrow, but I can still enjoy it while it lasts. I have a trifecta of spring activities planned for my free day:
  1. Birdhouse making
  2. Cider racking
  3. Hair cutting

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