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The birds are back

photo from Flickr

My walks to work are so much more cheerful now that I'm hearing the calls of birds again. I don't mind winter so much, except for the cold, and the darkness, and the silence. Our part of the planet goes to sleep in winter. When the trees sing with a dozen different species of tiny feathered animals, it's like the world is saying, "good morning.

"The snow is still here, and there's more on the way, but it won't be cold forever. Chin up. The birds are making the best of it."

I heard a bunch of little chirping sparrows and parking-lot birds. I heard a woodpecker going "brtrtrtrtrtrt," and I think I saw it but I'm not totally sure what that thing was. I heard a flock of geese today for the first time this year, honking happily as they return from holiday. If it's good enough for the geese, it's good enough for me.

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Jhenn said...

how great is this little fat girl!
oh, it wont let me post the picture!

I miss cardinals!