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Beer with substance

I shoveled this weekend. Lots. I did some other stuff too, but mostly I shoveled. We knew when we bought a house on a corner that we'd have bunches of shoveling to do when the snow hit, so I'm not complaining. I kind of enjoy the forced exercise. I get a real feeling of accomplishment when I'm finished, too, even though the snow is still coming down and I keep going back outside to do it all over again.

Last night was our annual Sibley Bike Depot general meeting. Because of the blizzard, almost nobody came this year. I picked up nine pizzas and we split them among six people. The elections were brief. I stepped down from my role as treasurer and got elected secretary (unanimously, by all five people). As a reward, I got to take home two pizzas.

The former president gave our new president a ride home to Minneapolis, and then stopped at my house just as we were finishing another round of shoveling. He gave me four beers, including this bottle of Schell's Snowstorm. What a nice guy. I'm saving the other three for a special occasion, but I really felt I had earned this one.

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