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I am sporadically writing a novel again. I decided that it would be fun to start updating this blog with words again. Probably I'll get bored and give up quickly, but be prepared for links to mysterious and seemingly unconnected source materials until then. THIS novel I think is one that could turn out in the end and that other people can totally read if they want to, when it's finished. I'm inordinately proud of the one chapter I have completed so far.

Do you want to read about the New York City blackout of 1977? I know I do! It is scary to think about being in a big city with looting and violence and fires happening all around, but I always enjoy when the power goes out during a storm and I feel safe and cozy in the candle light with my family for a few hours.

Also in book-related news is this sad story about Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis, via Neil Gaiman. Some jerk(s) stole money and made a mess of the store last weekend. As owner Greg Ketter points out, "Three bookstores have closed in the Twin Cities in the past two months and I don't want to make it four." I've never even been inside, but it was impossible to miss that purple facade across the street every time I went to Ink Lab for more tattoo work. Local book stores are in a sad state. You can help this one stay open by buying stuff! They are having a sale.

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