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Lords of the Chain Ring

Warning: f-bombs! Also: possibly not safe for work (underwear-clad male crotches)? Otherwise, an awesome tale of vengeance against a car that decided to mess with the wrong bicycle. I'm not the biggest fan of the music in the last two thirds of the movie; it reminds me of a time when I was in high school, and the only rock group I knew of was the powerhouse of Christian 80's rock, Petra (incredibly, still making music that sounds exactly the same).

It's a cool short film, though. I'm guess I'm a sucker for movies about bikes and destroying things.

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ningyo said...

I kind of like the music at the end-it seems to suit the scen for me, but I guess that's 'cause it sounds exactly like all the opening themes to the billion Power Rangers offshoots they have here ^_^