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Mainichi Hanafuda: swallow

Here's the animal card for the willow/rain suit. Readers who know me very well may have seen this swallow somewhere before, since I have two of them tattooed on my chest! I got to cheat and use it again in my hanafuda deck, although it's not really cheating since I did the original bird design myself.

I had a story yesterday about frogs and willows, but I got nothing about willows and swallows. I guess they just look good togther, since they're paired together sometimes in other Japanese art forms, and always in Hanafuda.


The Goodfellas said...

i love the swallow. it's so pretty. :-)

ps. do you watch prison break? and if so does it make you earnestly want more tattoos?

Jhenn said...

mapache, once you start, you cant stop... EVAR

Parsa said...

Once again, another traditional pairing, Yanagi-Ni-Tsubakuro: