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Mainichi Hanafuda: paulownia

I didn't know what a wisteria looks like, but at least I had heard of it before. Paulowia? Yes, it's a real thing! Apparently it is a type of tree, and the flowers look a little something like the cards on your left, which are the two 'junks' from the suit.

In Japanese decks, this is December, but for Korean cards, paulownia is the November suit. Why is this? Who knows? That's just the way it is. I'm posting two more cards again today because the truth is that I'm drawing way more than one card per day at my current pace, so I might as well catch up and show you more cards at the same time. Jenna says that she doesn't read my posts anyway because they're boring. If you feel the same way, at least now you have twice as much art to enjoy each day!


Jenna said...

I read that one!

ab said...

i think these are the cutest of all of them. but unlike all the others, i feel like these are floating. ps j... i am home.