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Mainichi Hanafuda: Napoleon card backs


A while ago, I mentioned that the best Nintendo hanafuda decks have drawings of Napoleon on the backs (Yakuza players must like the tough-guy image). The Mapache asked whether mine would also feature a bust of Napoleon on the back. Well, I hadn't really given it much thought until then, but I couldn't imagine anything better, so here's what I came up with for my cards: Napoleon Dynamite Hanafuda!

I know that Napoleon Dynamite is so 2005, but gosh! I'm gonna do whatever what I feel like I wanna do! That movie may have hit close to home for lots of nerds, but it's left an impact on me that I may never be able to shake off until I go bald and get LASIK. As my loving wife noted, this drawing of Napoleon Dynamite could also double as a self-portrait.


The Goodfellas said...

oh man!!!!!!!!!!! that is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Noria said...

My mom once saw a picture of Napoleon Dynamite and having no idea it was a movie, she assumed it was you.