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Mainichi Hanafuda: lightning

Whoa, what? That doesn't look like lightning, you may think, and you'd be correct! This is possibly the weirdest card in hanafuda. Besides its overall craziness, it also doesn't include any common elements from the other willow cards. It looks like the hanafuda artists dropped some acid before designing this one, and it's a distinctive card in every modern deck I looked at.

With every other card that I drew, I looked at a few different hanafuda decks for reference, consulted photographs or tattoos, and tried to create it with something resembling a unique style. Most of them are very stylized, but also very representative of the subject. The sheer abstractness of this design was so wonderful that I decided to drop all that and go for straight emulation for once.

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Anonymous said...

The red area represents either a water spout or a tornado funnel, depending on whether it is on land or sea. This is familiar to the Japanese. There should be drums at the base (representing thunder) and fan blades at the top (representing wind. Hey, what can I is a wild card!