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Snow emergency

Some folks thought Spring was on its way when we had temps in the 50s the other day, but I trekked to my bus stop through a bonafide blizzard this morning. Brutal winds and piled-up snow made biking practically impossible, and not much better for motor vehicles. We took on a load of passengers from the bus before ours, which was stuck. Then our bus got stuck. Luckily, by then, the other bus had un-stuck itself and pulled up alongside our bus. I trudged back over to that bus and rode the rest of the way to work.

After all that, I was only a half-hour late. The office was pretty quiet when I arrived. I'm sure that lots of people are not going to make it to work today at all... like my wife.

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Note this is the AFTER photo when hours of shoveling had been done in the alley. Our neighbor's van was stuck directly behind her car for the greater part of the morning. Besides that, the streets in our neighborhood traditionally don't get plowed until two or three days after a major storm. No point in pulling out of the alley just to get marooned on the street, I told her.


The Goodfellas said...

you crazy minnesotans!!! actually it looks really beautiful, sometimes i miss the snow. a little. ;-)

drvono said...

Same thing here, I didn't even get out of my driveway! I haven't had a snow day in so many years, it was kind of nice to stay home.