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Got lost in the rideup to the plungedown

I awoke at precisely 6:00 AM, one minute before my alarm was due to sound off. I hate when I do this. This seemingly preternatural awareness only suggests that I was more restless and un-asleep than I already felt. I can't relax at night. My dreams are too real and rational. At least when the alarm wakes me up, I feel like I've squeezed out every minute of possible sleep from the morning. After a week of all this, I think I can chalk it down as a symptom of stress.

The 40-60 minute bus ride to/from work is the most relaxing part of my day. No responsibilities and no pressures and nothing I can possibly do except to lose myself in a book. I read novels at a fantastic pace this way. If I had leftover motivation then I might could even write one... but the transit is a phase of re-creation... plug me into the busline while my batteries recharge...

I ought to be even busier on this weekend. It'll be a relief to board that city bus again Monday morning and deposit me in somnolent corporate office land where my mind can zone out and rest. TGIF?



drvono said...

I miss my bus ride. I used to be able to get so much reading done. Now wars are fought and won in the time it takes me to finish a novel.

John said...

Yeah, I totally understand the stress involved in all the stuff you got going on. It's all good though, it'll happen. I have two good Irish beers waiting for you for next weekend!
And I agree about the bus, I really enjoy the bus and get a lot of stuff done there, mainly studying and doing homework and it's also fun to just sit back and watch people there.

The Goodfellas said...

i so much know what you mean about being mad when you wake up 1 minute before the alarm. HORRIBLE! i was sleeping really bad recently due to stress too, i had to take a nyquil to fall asleep, and then an excedrin to wake up in the morning (and to cure my no-sleep headache). i felt like an addict! oh no!!!! doing good now though, and i hope you are too. :-)