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Of course I'm excited to ride bike again. The air is getting warmer and the days are getting brighter longer and the noise of the birds and grass buds popping out from below the dead brown thatch of last year's crop all reminds me of great journeys and itching to get in the saddle. But did you know that I hardly even rode a bike after learning how when I was a kid and getting into the big crash that scraped the skin of my right kneecap leaving me with a shiny purple scar that I'll carry the rest of my life, until I borrowed my dad's Peugeot to tool around campus and locked it up one day and forgot about it? (My sin against the bicycle world). On days when I believe in karma I wonder what the bicycle underneath me might have in store for revenge because it knows. Every flat tire and skipped chain is payback for leaving that beautiful old frame to rust and die. I didn't appreciate it then but I understand now.

I didn't ride for most of winter--they say there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear, well--I didn't have the gear I needed, and now I don't have the body for it anymore either I'm tired and weak and lazy just like this time last year emerging from my law school applications haze and wondering what's next?

Of course I'm excited to ride bike again. I'm sure I will, any day now. . . .



Nathan said...

How could you resist yesterday?!

Holy crap - forgetting a bike. That certainly explains some of the bikes I see on the side of the road... When did you remember? Did your dad have to remind you about it? Did you go back and check for it? Did you actually witness the rusty mess you created or is that pure conjecture? Oh, the bikemanity!

Karl said...

heh. sounds like you could use a beater bike for the winter. You'd be in much better shape when the "real" bikign season opened up this time of the year. I've got almost 800 miles in since mid January, and I'm not even what I would consider to be a serious biker!

drvono said...

Well, it's been beautiful this week. Did you get in any ride time?