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Say shh.....

Funny how the busier my life gets, the quieter my blog becomes. Even Wednesday's wine post was written mostly in advance. If you've been following along then you know that this is the big week for craft fair work. Applications dumped on us earlier in the week and we're still sorting through them to select our vendors for this year. It's a fun, but time-consuming, process and we're ready to be done with it! Of course, the hard part comes early next week when we make our selections, create the acceptance packets and send out all the mailings.

I'm hating my current job about as much as I hated my last one, so the ol' job hunt is back in full swing. I lasted about three or four months, which is pretty good considering I'm doing all the tedious crap work that nobody else wants to do. There's only so long any human being can endure this sort of brainless tedium. I've reached my tolerance point.

Back to the Craftstravaganza: something shocking happened yesterday, and I have to share it with you. I contacted a well-known Twin Cities charity organization with the offer of free space at our show to accept donations and hand out literature to potentially thousands of shoppers. They shot us down cold. I'm not naming any names, but my wife and I will not be donating any of our money to this organization in the future. Here was my wife's response when I told her about it:

J: I can't believe that. They're REJECTING our donations? Tell that to the hungry people!

SG: They've really been spoiling the poor people lately, with all that food and warm clothing.


Shannon said...

What am I missing? Why would they turn you down?

sui generis said...

That's the punchline, Shannon, we can't figure it out either. The only explanation they gave is that they are "not interested."

Shannon said...

Crazy bastards. Sounds like a very poorly run organization!