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Busy bee

Phew! I just typed out a resume that includes my volunteer work and planning a Craftstravaganza on top of my paying jobs. I can't believe I'm doing all of this at once! At least the craft fair is coming along smoothly. Applications are pouring in now and we expect to see the floodgates open over the next week since entries must be postmarked by Monday.

Meantime, both my wife and I are job-hunting and looking for a new place to live. We're attending a first-time home buyer's seminar tomorrow, so that could be educational, or else a complete waste of time. I plan to bring a book in case it turns out to be the latter and there's no polite way to make our escape.

At the bike shop, it's just one adventure after another. I probably shouldn't say anything more about that, except if you wanted to drop some cash on bike stuff... now is the time. That would really help us out. Thanks.

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