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France photos to come (soon I hope), but first, a major announcement. I quit my job tomorrow. I have no other job prospect. For a variety of reasons, I just couldn't stand to stay with that company any longer. I won't say any more, because the Internets are devious and not to be trusted. Suffice it to say that in two weeks or less, this blog may be very much about Sui Generis' Adventures in Unemployment!

Hopefully I'll find something before then and make a swift segue into my next career. Any twin cities peeps with job hookups, I would so love to talk with you. Or if you could get me in somewhere, say, on the West Coast, or in Boulder, or anywhere awesome, really, that would be nice. I do have skills. I do not have a long-term plan that dictates what I should do next, at this point, so any leads are welcome.

Thanks, and as ever, stay tuned.

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Shannon said...

Wow! Congratulations!

If you send me your resume (or skill set, or whatever) I'll let you know if I have any suggestions or contacts for the Boulder area.

drvono said...