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Viva la France!

Hope y'all liked the photos. Now it's storytime!

France was awesome. We rented an apartment in Paris for two weeks, which is the way to go. Not too expensive, but we had our own place and a kitchen for making meals and whatnot to save money on eating out. Plus we could see the Eiffel Tower from our bedroom and drink wine on the balcony, so it fulfilled all our Paris dreams right there.

FRANCE FUN FACT: Wine is cheaper than soda.

I'll spend some time in subsequent posts talking about our day trips into Burgandy and Champagne. Those were my favorite parts of the vacation. We also took a bicycle tour up to Monet's house, gardens, and grave--the only biking I did for two weeks!--man, do I feel out of shape! It turns out that my buff cycling muscles are a different group from my flabby walking muscles, and we were both exhausted at the end of every day.

We walked a lot, but we also spent a lot of time riding trains: the Metro in Paris and the SNCF lines out into the country. SNCF can suck it!! We had a bad experience with them, but there's not much incentive for them to improve customer service, since as far as I know they've got a monopoly on rail travel heading out of Paris. Anyway, I like riding trains, so we had some good times. Oh, the AirFrance bus from the airport can suck it too.

Things that didn't suck: wine! food! the weather! some museums! Again, I'll dedicate some posts to those topics, especially the two vegetarian restaurants we visited. So, lots of content coming up. I'm also answering questions, so if you've got anything to ask, now is the time! The request line is open.

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