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uekiya ni naritai

Like many city lots, there's a narrow strip of land between our house and the neighbor's yard, about four feet wide. I got a bug in me to turn this weedy patch of dirt into a miniature Japanese garden. I envision a path of stones surrounded by moss, with a slightly raised bed of ferns and shrubs along the wall.

To stock this area, I will need to find plants that are not only suitable for a Japanese garden, but also:

  1. Tolerant of partial to full shade
  2. Very small (to fit the tiny space)
  3. Cold-hardy (to survive Minnesota winters)
This would be difficult to accomplish even with money. My challenge is to do it cheaply and kind of fast, because I'll probably be moving in a few years. I've been scouring resources on Japanese gardens and so far I've identified promising Hydrangeas, shrub pines, and rhododendrons. It's a great start, but I have a long way to go. I got some great advice on swallows when I wrote about my bird house. Do any kind strangers have the inside scoop on gardening?


The Goodfellas said...

i just read your old response to me -- so funny!!! i should've known it would be taz in a fireman's suit. what was i thinking.

ps. that's true, let it never be said you back down from a double dare. :-)

Noria said...

Have you heard about the Friends School Plant sale? It is a great way to get nice and cheap plants. Go early in the sale though or your first choices might not be there.