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The doll on the left was made by my wife's grandmother, and given to her when she was very small. She named it "guh-gon." Each of her sisters had one of their own. So when my sister-in-law's baby (my niece) turned one year old, I made her the doll on the right.

It is an updated version of my wife's beloved Guh-gon. I added a mouth (the red dot on "original guh-gon" is a nose), and I removed the disturbing "diddle" on the bottom. Also, it is difficult to see because I lined up the fabric like a master, but my doll has a large pocket on the front of her clothing parts.

I needed some help from my mother-in-law with the hair braiding, but I was proud of myself when I finished. I was very excited to see the look on my niece's face when she opened it. The end result? She took one glance at her new doll, and then:


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Jenna said...

I'd probably spell it "gugung". But really, it wasn't meant to be spelled.

Oh, and Holly didn't get one. It was pre-Holly days, so just me & jess had them. And hers had pink skin.