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I'm on TV

Click here to watch me embarrass myself on live television! This was one of four segments on local Fox 9 News this morning. The other clips talked about the shop (I like you) and did a couple of craft demonstrations. You can't buy this kind of publicity (well, maybe you can, but we got it for free).

We didn't know in advance exactly how the day would go. So we were delighted to get not just four whole segments, but also four teasers. You know the little clips that run before a commercial and end with "...when we come back" or "...a-right after this"? They did that. Because our craft fair is cliffhanger-worthy.

I'm still thrilled about the coverage and kind of amazed that we got away with it. I think it will sink in when we get to watch the whole thing. Jenna asked her sister to Tivo the whole program, and we'll try to put that footage on the online somehow. Anybody out there who knows how to make that happen?


E. McPan said...

Neat! I was on tv one time, but I was like, 12 years old. From what I can remember, I sounded REALLY dumb. My mom was a little embarrassed, I think.

drvono said...

By strange coincidence, I happened to be home yesterday AND have Fox 9 News on because it was inadvertently left unattended after the weather report.

While walking through the dining room I hear the TV say: "Now repeat after me: CRAFT-STRAV-A-GANZA!" And there you guys were.

Jenna said...

As expected I sounded like a complete tool. Eh, what are ya gonna do.

Laurie said...

^ are you serious Jenna? I think you did pretty well considering that the reporter gave you a redundant AND rhetorical(sounding) question....and then answered it for herself. I want to go to Crafstravaganza!!! ._.