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Stay cool

Part of the problem of really focusing on writing a novel is, well, I'm really focused on writing a novel. So I'm sorry if I don't talk about much of anything else. I did have a fun evening yesterday with my wife and a couple of her friends who were just married last weekend. I met them over at their place and we hung out a bit, had dinner, and played some Dance Dance Revolution (now there's something I haven't seen any mention of on the law blogs, but I must not be the only legally-minded DDR fan out there... er, mustn't I?).

Most nights, though, I drive home, relax with J for a few hours and eat dinner, maybe get in an hour of novel work. Then around 8 or 9 she goes to bed and I start writing in earnest until 10:30, save it, and go to bed. In the morning I check my word count and post it here for all to see. I'm almost always surprised by how many words I produced the night before. It doesn't seem like I'm typing that much, really. Maybe because my novel is 80% "complete" but I've only written about half of it.

words: 3,135


drvono said...

You're an inspiration!

CM said...

We have DDR at home... also DDR Max, DDR Max 2, and Karaoke Revolution. Haven't played it in a little while, but we go through phases.

Congratulations on making such great progress on your novel!