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Echoes of the amplifiers

In the earlier part of this evening, the wife and I drove into Minneapolis to see my coworker's band play at the Triple Rock. Traffic going downtown was awful. I was reminded why we don't go out more, but it was all all right when we got inside. Seconds Before put on a very good show for us, and we rocked out accordingly. You can download some songs on the website there, so go check 'em out.

The novel is so tantalizingly close to being done that I thought about staying awake tonight until it was finished, just to cross that line, but... I'm not gonna do it. Actually, I'm just not in much of a novel-writing mood tonight, so while I will write, I'm not going to force it. Maybe I'll have a couple of drinks to celebrate my near-completeness and read something instead.

Nah... I'll write my novel. I think about it all the time, anyway, so I might as well ratchet up that word count. I'll see about those drinks, though...

words: 2,171

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