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I occupy a comfortable position in terms of raw word count as the second week of NaNoWriMo begins. This has freed me up to hop around a bit in my outline and work on the juicy bits, while I try to figure out a way to connect it all together. I think the hardest part for me so far is taking all these scenes I have in my outline and writing a story that carries over from one to the next. I've always had trouble writing transitions.

But, maybe I can fix all of that in the rewrite. Plot problems are popping up left and right, especially continuity errors with all the skipping around I'm doing. I just note these right in the text as they come back so I remember to fix them when I come back around. I mostly took a break from writing this weekend, but I did get a few hours and some thousands of words in every now and then. I'm having great fun pretending to be a writer.

I celebrated applying to law school on Friday with a bottle of 2001 Cline Viognier. Sadly, this wine is past its prime. Even more sadly, I have another bottle of it to drink. On the excellent side was a 2002 Cline Ancient Vines Mourvedre. Probably still young, and "will continue to improve for at least a decade," declare the producers. Word on the street confirms this opinion. Pick up some of this wine now.

words: 3,306

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Anonymous said...

Good god, man! You are a writing dynamo! How do you do 6,000 words/day!? I think my best day ever in nearly four years of trying is about that. Maybe I still have too many filters between brain and fingers... Anyway, congrats. There's no doubt you're going to "win" NaNo, and that's no small feat. I read somewhere that they expect something like only 5,000 of 40,000 total participants to actually reach the 50k word mark. Probably only 50 or fewer will reach the 100k word mark you're now aiming for. Very impressive.

-ambimb and his 10k measly words