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I won!

I seem to have lost my post from last night to internal Blogger problems. There's no time now to write much, but I just wanted to report that I have passed 50,000 words in my novel. More later...

(More) I wrote my 50,000th word some time between 10:00 and 10:30 on Sunday night. This means that I "finished" my novel in just two weeks, which is now my personal record to beat next year. As I suspected all along, however, I am nowhere near to the end of my story. So, although I will continue to write at a frantic pace until I'm really done, I'm going to try not to bore everyone with it as much as I have been. It's time to get back to talking about other things.

Did I mention that law school reports have started going out? Three of my nine schools requested reports almost immediately after I submitted my applications. Two more were requested over the weekend. I am delighted. It is cause for celebration, and so I baked my famous Vegetarian Enchiladas for dinner last night. J helped, and we had a fun couply bonding time in the kitchen. I supplemented the spicy Mexican-style food with an ice-cold Japanese beer. I would have preferred a Dos Equis, but beggars can't be choosy after all.

words written yesterday: 3,329

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Shannon said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Congratulations Mr. Speed Novelist! At such fantastic noveling rates, you should have no trouble completing a novel next year, too, even amid the press of 1L exam prep. But hey, why are you doing to law school, again? Why not do something cool, like be a wriiter or something? Publish your book and give law school a pass. You'll be happy you did.

Or maybe not...


CM said...

Nice job! Hey, those famous vegetarian enchiladas sound good... would you be willing to share the recipe?