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Modern living for urban chickens

Living in the city is nice for now, but one day I'd like to have a country hobby farm with vegetable gardens and llamas in the yard. On the other hand, why wait until the future, when I could buy the stylish 'Eglu' henhouse made by Omlet UK? It's true, raising chickens in urban and suburban yards is the sustainable-living sensation that's sweeping the nation. T3 nails the design when they describe it as "a cross between an original iMac and a Tupperware box designed by Salvador Dali."

I have to admire the design and worksmanship of this plastic product. Then again, I also like the rustic look of a traditional chicken coop made of good old wood. For my money, I'm not sure which I would prefer to have in my backyard. But would you believe the fancy-looking Eglu is actually cheaper than most of the classic prefab coops I found online?

If you're interested in reading more about the logistics of keeping chickens, see also the free Guide to Chicken Care on My Pet Chicken dot com.

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Jhenn said...

that's way too small for happy little chickens!!!