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Visiting vendors from faraway lands

Of course we love all our vendors equally, but since this is my personal blog I'm going to highlight a few that I'm personally most excited to meet. Most of our artists are local, but a few brave souls are trekking across the country to attend this first-time, unproven, unknown event. This post is dedicated to those crafters who are coming from away to sell you handmade treasures on July 8.

First up, Jenny Harada. Early in the planning process, I decided it would be awesome to host workshops so that attendees could actually learn some craft skills of their own. I contacted Plush Rush to see if anyone there wanted to run a stuffed animal class, and Jenny volunteered! I was already a big fan of her creatures, so I was stoked to sign her up as both a workshop teacher and a vendor.

Also hailing from Ohio Detroit are the lovely ladies (and gentleman) of Tekkat, who sure know how to stage a photo. That page is the only functional one on their site at the moment, but they should have tons of great clothing items for sale at the Craftstravaganza.

Sweetie Pie Press is coming from Toronto. That is in Canada! This makes her our most international vendor, plus, she will be performing standup all weekend at Brave New Workshop, which is very admirable! She is the only one (I can think of right now) who is selling comics and zines, but there might be more. Also she will have "surprises" at her table, so you will just have to come to the fair to see what that is all about.

Heather Wells wins the prize for farthest vendor by coming to us all the way from North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Bright Lights Little City makes lamps out of cocktail umbrellas, and you really have to see that website to do them justice.

We have a few vendors coming from the Chicago/Milwaukee zone, which is great. I've sort of thought of them as local, especially when you compare that trip to one from Boston! I just want to tell you about one today, and that's the prodigious Faythe Levine. She manages the cute and fun Paper Boat Boutique, a retail shop for handmade goods in Milwaukee. She also organizes that city's alternative craft fair, Art vs. Craft. As such, I feel it was sort of a coup to have her come to our show, and we're delighted to have her. Not only will she be a vendor at the Craftstravaganza, she will also be filming footage for her latest project, the Indie Craft Documentary! And I thought we were busy...


The Goodfellas said...

wow, VERY cool stuff! i dont mean to be a jerk but i kinda thought that a lot of it might be like...applique and dreamcatchers and stuff. you know? the kind of thing traditionally thought of as crafty. but that stuff is very cool, looks like something you might find in pop deluxe! congratulations on having awesome vendors!!!

i like the cocktail-umbrella lamps, what a cute idea. it now seems that it might be a bit of a stretch for us to have arrived in minnesota by the 8th, that would mean we'd have to leave on the 6th, which i dont think gives us time to check out of our apt... :( i guess we'll just call you back, enough rambling via the interweb. :)

abigail said...

so is this where i put my order in for craftsravaganza?? if so, i would like to order one of andy's little stuffed owls, one button, a box of jenna's greeting cards and i'll add in a few beads for old times. total comes to...?? shipping costs?? ... just kidding guys. but if i was there, that is what i would buy from you!!!! i hope it goes oh so well!!

ps. andy, i am assuming you will share this with jenna if she does not already check your blog. :)

sui generis said...

We've got your order down! By the way, the owls in this post are made by Faythe Levine, not me. They are so cute, aren't they?

abigail said...

they are so cute. i just figured they were yours because they look like something you would make. sorry for the incorrect assumption.