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Craft attack: Daruma Army

We had an uncharacteristically productive weekend fixing plumbing painting the dining room getting fish postering for the SPC and then my car broke down on Sunday night and we were back and forth from the repair and rental places yesterday to get that sorted out. I talked to a reporter from the Star Tribune and she was very gracious but not optimistic about printing an article about the St. Paul Craftstravaganza on such short notice. I took the day off from work so I can drive to Uptown and hopefully hang the rest of our posters. I'll be dropping off stacks of flyers at places like Muddy Waters, Ink Lab, Robot Love, if they're open and I get there.

I'm working also on my crafts for the fair: Weebles repainted as Daruma. You can see a batch in various stages of completion here, plus their big brother who is made from an Easter candy package and jangles! I'm using the same design for all of them, but each one has its own personality. The completed Daruma will all have the mouths and gold kanji like he does. I'm going to have about 30 when I'm done, which should look respectable on our vendor table next to Jenna's cards/beads display and possibly... some copies of The Best of Bob the Golfer?


The Goodfellas said...

who is daruma..? i feel dumb. what is a weeble? :(
they look pretty cool though!!!

sui generis said...

WEEBLES wobble but they don't fall down! It is a sad childhood that did not include Weebles, and we will have to remedy that at the show.

ningyo said...

I notice none of them have eyes filled in--have you made no wishes?

Jenny--you fill in one eye when you make a wish and fill in the other when the wish is completed. Daruma is considered patriarch of the zen sect of buddhism who, as the story goes, cut off his own eyelids to prevent himself from falling asleep during meditation.

Jhenn said...

and his eyelids then turned into the first tea leaves in China!

Those are super cool Andy!!!!