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I interviewed myself

Mapaches and other forest creatures who would like to know more about the Daruma can read a Q&A on our SPC Crafter Showcase blog now. They look a lot better in this photo, but I really haven't gotten much work done on them in the past couple of days since I've been staying up late night after night to work on an Extra Secret Special Project that might be of interest to a handful of people that I know.

(once you're done reading my interview, you should go through the archives and see the rest--we have a fine group of vendors coming to this event and I'm mightily stoked to see them in person). I've been using the website and the SPC blog to promote the fair, and I'm talking it up on this blog too, of course. I try not to, but I can't--the Craftstravaganza is everything right now, and will be until it's over in less than two weeks.

So, I might spend every day between now and then talking about our vendors and why they're awesome. Be warned! After the fair maybe I'll really shut up about it finally. But probably not... I'm cramming months of preparation into a 7-hour event, so there's going to be a lot to unpack when it's done. But for now... vendor art!


ningyo said...

Andy those are so cool! What a cool idea to paint weebls I love 'em!

The Goodfellas said...

thank you for clarifying for us forest creatures

ps. only like a week away right??

sui generis said...

That's right, it's the weekend after this one: July 8! Is there any chance you might be able to make it? Ningyo-chan, I know it's too far for you to come from Japan... but thanks for the compliment!

ningyo said...

nii-chan! I want to go!

The site for it looks great!

I used a lot of exclamation marks!

mr. goodfella said...

I think we might be able to come! WHOOO knows! Hopefully!!


ps. I heard a rumor we might go to el Chino Latino! Is this true!