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Live, Intranasal Influenza Vaccine Spray

or, Huffing the Flu Virus. One of the perks of temping for a hospital is that I got a free flu vaccine today. I hate getting shots; for some reason my ability to withstand hours of tattooing does not extend to a love of all needles. So I was pleased to learn that we had a choice between the standard injection and a nasal spray. Apparently they just began giving these out in 2003, and they are becoming more common now.

A nurse took out a tiny syringe (sans needle) full of attenuated influenza virus and squirted half of it in each of my nostrils. Some of the liquid dripped down the back of my throat. It tasted sweet. I wiped up the drips, and that was it! She commanded me to breathe normally and not to blow my nose for the next fifteen minutes or so. Easy? Man, if it helped me avoid getting the flu, I'd go through this process every day all winter long.


E. McPan said...

Ewww! I'd rather got the shot than have it squirted up my nose!

Nathan said...

I've gotta agree that sounds pretty yucky; think I'll stick with the shots. 'Course, I hated it when they switched from the penicillin shot to the retchingly nasty oral course. I missed those big shots in the thigh every time I swallowed, or tried to, the new stuff. Hm, did I get strep more than the average youngster?