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Dime novels and chopper bicycles

I work as a volunteer at the Sibley Bike Depot on Monday nights, and when I showed up yesterday I found two boxes full of books on a table by the door. I couldn't resist looking through them, and when I found out they were being sold for ten cents apiece, I couldn't very well help myself from buying two quarters' worth. I resisted copies of Cat's Cradle and Animal Farm.

The shop was more cluttered with donated bikes than it has been for a few weeks. That's a good thing! We had a good small team there to work for a couple of hours. First, we fine-tuned a pile of new kids' bikes that had been assembled by another group. It was mostly just tightening up seatposts and reflectors, adjusting brakes, and they were good to go. Then we started in on the used bikes. Seeing the variety of bicycles that come into the shop is one of my favorite parts of the job. John pointed out one modified ride with huge apehanger handlebars and a dangerously dangling rear brake line. With a bit of adornment, it would make an awesome parade bike. I wanted to fix that one up and take it home for myself!

Before I left, I had to find a way to carry my books back home on the singlespeed. I secured two small books in each side pocket of my jacket and tucked Vineland into my shirt. I rode back that way with no problem, and my wife didn't even notice the extra bulkiness when I got home!

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