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Minnesota women's rugby & flu vaccine PSA

Detroit's left winger scores a try against the Minneapolis Menagerie

I've long been curious about the game of rugby, so I was determined to attend a game when I found that it's played locally. On Saturday morning my wife and I watched the Women's D2 Play-offs in Eagan. The athletic fields around the pitch were wide open and exposed to a cold wind. We stuck around long enough to watch them score, then we left to get our annual flu shots at Cub Foods.

She wouldn't be able to run like that if she had influenza

Now it's time for influenza fun facts:
  • You can't get influenza from the vaccine, because the viruses are inactivated.
  • You are infectious before symptoms appear, so you can give influenza to others without realizing that you're sick.
  • Influenza-related illness kills 36,000 people a year.
Get immunized, seriously. I don't want to hang out with you otherwise.

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